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5S Shine Video

  • 5S is an integral part of Lean Manufacturing since it focuses heavily on the elimination of waste. Shine is the housekeeping portion of 5S and this video will teach you how to implement Shine at your company so you may realize all of the benefits 5S has to offer.
  • In review, the 5 S's are Sort, Set-In-Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain in that order. We will now focus on Shine for the remainder of this presentation.
  • By implementing 5S Shine you can turn a terrible workplace where no one wants to work, into an enjoyable workplace where people are happy to come to work each day. Before Shine, our workplace can look dirty and dingy.
  • But our workplace improves gradually as we sweep the floors, mop the floors, and even polish the floors until they shine. We also clean the surfaces of everything including machines, tables and cabinets. Remove dust from every surface and clean the windows and skylights so they will let in natural light. Cleaning the windows, skylights, walls, and other surfaces makes the environment brighter and easier to detect quality defects that might otherwise have gone undetected.
  • And last, cleaning the machines is a big part of Shine because as we clean the machines, we will be able to easily inspect them. Cleaning and maintaining the machines is one of the most tangible benefits of shine. Here is an excellent example of a filthy machine before Shine. If this machine had any oil leaks, you would never be able to find them in this condition.
  • After Shine this machine looks brand new. Any oil leak would stick out like a sore thumb and that is exactly what you want. While we clean the machines in our area, we must inspect them closely so we can take greater care of them. We can ensure that:
    A: There are no loose nuts or bolts
    B: Make sure gauges are legible, working properly, and within the acceptable range specified
    C: Check the condition of the motor
    D: Feel for any heat that might be excessive
    E: Check all of the fan belts or other belts for proper tension and excess wear
    F: Feel the equipment for excess vibration
    G: Smell for anything out of the ordinary especially something burning.
    H: Listen for any sounds that are not normal to the operation of the equipment.
    I: And look for water, oil, hydraulic, or air leaks.
  • When we clean the machines we will uncover various leaks that had previously gone undetected. Any liquids leaking on the floor can cause people to slip and injure themselves. And leaks can also cause people to get shocked. Machines that leak oil make a mess of the machine itself and the surrounding area.
  • Oil leaks can also cause machines to overheat and wear out quickly because of the lack of oil. Oil leaks also cause people to have to replace the oil frequently and don't forget about the cost of the oil itself.
  • If you find your equipment needs to be repaired, every company has a different set of rules to follow, but as a guideline, you want to do it yourself immediately if you are fully capable of doing so. But if the problem is beyond your capabilities, call in a professional. Poorly maintained machines will break down more often and at the worst times.
  • When machines are not running productivity automatically goes down. And that causes the boss to get upset, not to mention how the customer is going to feel when they find out their delivery is going to be late because your machine is not running.
  • Shine can help eliminate another problem and that is FOD or foreign object damage.
  • For example: metal shavings left on workbenches or other surfaces can damage your products. This shipping container used for transporting product is filled with debris and metal shavings that will damage the product when placed inside and transported. Foreign object damage can cause costly rework or scrap.
  • Nobody really likes to clean without being told, so there are some key steps to make Shine work for you. First, you need to make a list of the items to be cleaned in the area. And determine the method of cleaning and add that to the list you just created. For example, mop with soap and water, or use spray cleaner brand X, etc.
  • You then need to make assignments for cleaning and make it very visual as to who is responsible for cleaning what and when as in this assignment board showing pictures of the responsible individuals.
  • When you organize your cleaning supplies, use the Set-in-Order phase of 5S. This way everyone will know where the cleaning supplies are and where to put them when they are done. Make sure that any chemicals or cleaners used are clearly labeled.
  • And finally, it's time to start shining. Once you implement Shine, you will realize the following benefits: Morale improves as employees are happy to work in clean work environment. Quality improves as defective products are easier to catch in a clean bright environment. Your workplace will be much safer meaning less accidents, fewer injuries, and lower medical costs. Insurance costs are also reduced.
  • Cleaning and inspecting the equipment means more reliable equipment which results in: Less production downtime And that means Higher machine uptimes More on time deliveries, and higher productivity
  • Customers and potential customers can't help but notice what a great workplace you have. And best of all, these improvements equate to more money added to the bottom line.

The road to Lean is paved with 5S. So if your company wants to become Lean, this is a great place to start your journey. Shine is not easy, and neither is implementing any aspect of 5S, so if you need help training employees or implementation give us a call today. We're the guys who make this process simple!


About the author:

Jeff Hofstetter

Jeff Hofstetter Jeff is the President of Xtreme Lean Consulting with over 24 years of experience in Lean and Six Sigma Consulting. Jeff is a results-driven, decisive leader with a proven track record of initiating time and cost-saving operational improvements while leading diverse teams to strong, sustainable performance gains. Skilled mentor and coach with a hands-on, positive approach to resource management, leadership development, and training.

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