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Xtreme Lean Consulting
Postal Address:
2565 Oak Hills Drive
Layton, Utah 84040
Telephone: +1 801 540 9682
Customer Service
Telephone:       +1 801 540 9682
E-mail: info@xtremelean.us

Jeff Hofstetter - President
Telephone:       +1 801 540 9682
E-mail: jeff@xtremelean.us

Marcelo Villacreses
Telephone:       +1 310 909 3810
E-mail: marcelo@xtremelean.us


'Assurance Manufacturing is a precision stamping and sheet metal fabrication company located in Coon Rapids. Our company will celebrate its 45th year in business in 2009. Assurance, along with other manufacturing companies in the state, has seen jobs go to lower cost countries. World competition required us to change our current manufacturing methods.

We had tried three times to change our manufacturing layout and we could not get beyond the yellow "stickums". We needed to change to keep our labor rates competitive. We also knew we needed help from the outside. If it hadn't been for Jeff Hofstetter and Xtreme Lean Consulting, we would not have been able to make these improvements. This training was phenomenal and has more than exceeded our expectations.'

- Herb Lindberg, President
  Assurance Manufacturing Inc., Coon Rapids

'It is my pleasure to recommend Jeff Hofstetter of Xtreme Lean Consulting to your team as a LEAN and Six Sigma innovator. Jeff is a professional of the highest caliber who was often complimented by our Customers and Staff for his cooperation and innovation solving complex technical problems. He possesses a winning attitude that embraces challenge and encourages collaboration. Jeff is an inventive self-starter, who brings fresh ideas and solutions to the table. He distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-conceived project strategies and tactics. His approaches produced qualitative and quantitative improvements to the corporation financially, increased customer satisfaction levels, improved and streamlined processes, yielding fault-free (zero defect) results. I would highly recommend Jeff Hofstetter and Xtreme Lean Consulting as they would be a valuable asset to any Company.'

- Ben A. Ransom
  LMI Aerospace

'"5 S" is very useful, and my company started developing in this direction. I showed Videos about "5 S" my colleagues and they understood everything. Videos are superb and nobody showed the way of "5 S" like this. Videos are fully understandable. I was no doubt watching this and I think it is a good idea to show those people who will be introducing this process in their companies. In the future that form of transferring of information will be irreplaceable. So I do really recommend your videos everybody who wants to know more about "5S". Your videos are very helpful.'

- E.W.
  Volvo Construction Equipment, Poland

'In about one week of use of your methods, we were able to increase productivity and responsiveness through our team by at least two-fold.'

- Bryan Psuik

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5S Series DVD Bundle Our popular 5S Series DVD in both English and Spanish. This 5S Series is a 41 minute long video series produced to ensure the key concepts of 5S are communicated. This video takes the audience through each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain and takes the time to explain how you can improve or implement that stage in your workplace using real life examples.

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